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100% Italia International Trade is a company whose aim is to promote international exchanges. The company exports food products of high quality spreading the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet in the world.

In addition to commercial relationships, it is possible to realize partnership with associations, organizations or companies and organize workshops and symposia in order to foster our actions and to reach our aims. The 100% Italia is also committed in controlling quality of all products sold and the origin of raw materials thanks to the support of experts in this sectors.

A big attention is given to the fields where buffaloes, cows and sheep graze in order to keep an high quality of the cheese and mozzarella, excluding any kind of contamination  of the vegetables and any other products sold.

After the production’s phase, the company is interested also in the shipping products till the final destination to the customer, making sure that the cold chain has been respected. In fact, one of the most famous slogan of 100% Italia is “from farm to fork”.

100% Italia: excellent Italian products within reach. A brand that guarantees the quality of any single product  “from our farm to your fork.”

100% Italia aims to contribute improving the quality of life by promoting the Mediterranean Diet and our lifestyle through all our services.

– Fresh products and traceability
– Taking care of our costumers
– Paying attention to the food health

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Cit. Ippocrate

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Video Presentation


Main core of our company is our staff

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